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nd March 2012

The Fight Goes On

As expected, the LibDems and Tories combined to pass Bristol City Council‘s cuts budget on Tuesday. £27million will be slashed from the council’s spending from April. Youth services, community groups, care for the elderly and vulnerable will all be seriously effected. Over 350 jobs will go from the council workforce. Some Labour amendments to the budget were accepted – minor adjustments to harsh cuts. But it was obvious to those in the public gallery that Labour didn’t have any clear alternative to the LibDem/Tory cuts strategy. In the meeting, Barbara Janke said, “I can’t know the impact of all the cuts in the budget.” Unfortunately the people of Bristol who use and rely on the services that are to be cut will soon discover the impact. BADACA will be working with those people over the coming months as the cuts bite to ensure that Barbara Janke and her fellow councillors get the message that these are real cuts hitting real people – not just numbers on a piece of paper.

Among the events below is a meeting bringing together trades unionists who took part in last November’s huge strike with the aim of discussing how the fight for pensions justice can be continued. NUT & PCS will be announcing the results of consultative ballots in the next couple of weeks. Further strike action before the end of the month seems likely. Facebook here. Details below. Please come along and encourage others to come as well.

BADACA has a new Twitter page at If you use Twitter and aren’t yet a follower please sign up now.

Also below are details of protests about Workfare and the NHS bill – both issues where political pressure has and will make a difference. The government has already partially backed down over Workfare and is looking increasingly vulnerable on the NHS.

Please try to get involved in as many of the activities below as possible and pass the information on to others who may be interested.

If you want more information about anything below, email

More information on BADACA and events can be found at our website and via the link to Facebook from there

If you have events you would like included in a future bulletin please email details to . Our aim is to send out a bulletin every Friday. The deadline for inclusion of events is 5pm on Thursday.

BADACA Steering Committee Meeting – Monday 12th March

An agenda will be sent out to affiliated organisations and other members of the steering committee next week but please make sure the date is in your diary now. For more information email

“Pensions – The Fight Goes On” – Meeting – Tuesday 20th March

Time: 7.30pm
5th Floor, Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY

The very successful meeting on 6th February, called by BADACA and Unite the Resistance, saw 250 trade unionists, pensioners, students and members of community groups come together to discuss the attacks on pensions and the wider cuts being imposed by local and national government. All those who spoke, saw clearly that these cuts are ideologically driven. The aim is to push through the privatisation of most of the public sector. The standard of services will fall. Workers will suffer a significant worsening of pay, conditions and pensions. The cuts will let big companies and corporations make huge profits at our expense.

The key to resisting these attacks will be trade unionists acting together. This was evident on November 30th when 20,000 marched through the streets of Bristol.

At the moment PCS and NUT are carrying out consultative ballots with their members before deciding the next step in the pensions dispute. Decisions will be made later this month with further strike action likely before the end of the month. This BADACA meeting will bring together trade unionists who want to continue the fightback against the Government’s austerity programme regardless of the position of their union leaderships. For instance, when the next strike is called in the pensions dispute, we must ensure that trades unionists not striking don’t cross the picket lines of those who are. The meeting will be an opportunity for those in trade unions who want to continue to fight together to make plans. All welcome. Please circulate details to others. Full details and Facebook here

For more information email

Other Events

National Day Of Action Against Workfare – Saturday 3rd March

The government’s workfare scheme is looking increasingly untenable. Protest has so far shamed many companies into pulling out. As part of a national day of action against workfare Bristol Youth Fight for Jobs have organised a protest for Saturday 3rd March. We are meeting at 1pm outside BHS in Broadmead and will be touring some of the shops and restaurants still using the scheme to protest outside. This will be followed by a short rally on Castle Park at 2.30pm. There will also be a public meeting on Monday 5th March, 7.30pm at Cheltenham Road Library, BS6 5QX. Full details here. Facebook here. For further information contact Tom on 07986951527 or

Kill The Bill – Lobby Of Parliament – Wednesday 7th March

The TUC are organising a mass lobby of MPs and demonstration calling for the Health & Social Care Bill to be dropped followed by a rally in Central Hall, Westminster Hall. Full details including an e-petition and poster can be found on the Unite website here

Unite are running a coach from Bristol for Unite members and their families. If you are a Unite member contact to book a place. If you aren’t a Unite member and want to go please contact Gwyneth on 07989 105449. She will try to co-ordinate transport. BADACA is prepared to make a contribution towards travel costs for non-Unite members.

If you can’t get to London, the TUC have a ‘virtual lobby’ here

The e-petition can be signed here

For more information email


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