BADACA Bulletin – 10/02/12

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10th February 2012

New Strike Date To Be Announced Any Time Now

Despite the disappointment of Mark Serwotka having to attend an emergency TUC meeting and not being able to come, 300 people came to the Council House on February 6th to hear from John McInally (PCS), John McLoughlin (Unison), Jayne Taylor (Unite) and Dave Wilshire (CWU) explain that to defend pensions, jobs & services, trades unions need to be prepared to mount strike action. A Unilever worker explained the background to their pensions dispute – all workers need pensions justice, not just the public sector. See a report of the meeting here. Photos here. Evening Post article here.

As we write, the date for another public sector strike on pensions is expected to be announced at any time. While Unison & GMB look likely to sit this strike out, most of the other unions who took part on November 30th will be taking part. Once the date is announced, BADACA will working alongside the local trades unions to ensure the day is a success in Bristol.

Over the next three weeks both Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council will be setting their budgets for 2012/3. As BADACA has explained previously, these budgets will result in significant cuts to services used and needed by local people and the loss of many jobs. 350 jobs will go in Bristol. Every job lost means one more person without work – even if compulsory redundancy isn’t involved. All those out of work will soon be hit by the government’s benefit cuts. There are huge cuts in grants to community groups – see details here. And of course there are the remarkably vague proposals to close/privatise care homes & day centres and privatise the youth service. These are portrayed as efficiency savings – what this really means is that the people who do the work, currently low-paid, will be paid even less.

BADACA will be working with all those effected by the proposals to mount the largest possible lobbies at the full council meetings in South Gloucestershire on Wednesday February 22nd (note correct date) and Bristol on Tuesday February 28th. We won’t be arguing that any individual service should be saved at the expense of others, but that the whole budget is inadequate to meet the needs of local people. Details are below including links to flyers and posters. Please pass the details on to friends/neighbours/colleagues and publicise as widely as possible.

And try to come to the BADACA AGM on Monday February 27th. Details are below and Facebook here. Apart form discussing how BADACA will develop over the coming year, we will be making final plans for the lobby on February 28th. If you come to the AGM please be prepared to pay an individual affiliation to BADACA for 2012 – we request £5 per person but no amount (larger or smaller) is refused.

Please try to get involved in as many of the activities below as possible and pass the information on to others who may be interested.

If you want more information about anything below, email

More information on BADACA and events can be found at our website and via the link to Facebook from there

If you have events you would like included in a future bulletin please email details to . Our aim is to send out a bulletin every Friday. The deadline for inclusion of events is 5pm on Thursday.

BADACA Steering Committee Meeting – Monday 13th February

Papers for the meeting have been sent out to affiliated organisations and other members of the steering committee. If you on the steering committee please try to come alongFor more information email

BADACA Annual General Meeting – Monday 27th February

Venue: Friends Meeting House, Champion Square (River Street), Bristol, BS2 9DB
Time: 7.30pm
Map: Here

This meeting will review BADACA’s activities over the last year, discuss plans for the next year and elect officers to co-ordinate those activities. All welcome. Come along to have your say on how BADACA develops over the coming months. Facebook here. For more information email

Other Events

Lobby Bristol City Council – Tuesday February 28th

This is the meeting when the budget (ie cuts) is put to the vote. We need to let councillors know that people across the city oppose their cuts. The meeting starts at 2pm but will go on into the evening. BADACA will hold a lobby at the start of the meeting but encourage those who can’t get there then to come in the evening. So meet outside the Council House from 1pm and again from 5.00pm. More details and Facebook here. Flyer here. Poster here. For more information email

Lobby South Gloucestershire Council – Wednesday February 22nd

NOTE CORRECT DATE – this is when South Gloucestershire will agree their cuts. Again there will be a lobby. The meeting starts at 7pm. Meet outside Kingswood Civic Centre from 6pm. Map here. More details and Facebook here. Flyer here. Poster here. For more information email


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Roy Uter on February 20, 2012 at 2:47 pm.

Its hard to see why Unison may “sit this strike out” and not take part in a proposed strike. I thought us workers were all in this together. (Unison Member)


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